About Connect

What is Connect?

Connect is our new umbrella for all youth organisations. It consists of 3 tracks:

  • Connect for Kids
  • Connect for Youth
  • Connect for Young Adults

Why Connect?

Many of our leaders were out 3 or 4 times during the week and Kirk Session felt that this was unfair. Over many discussions they came up with the concept of an over-arching youth organisation that would meet only once or twice in the week for seniors. This would also limit the possibility of young people dealing with the same passage several times in a week as instead of several separate organisations each doing their own thing, there would be one organisation where all the leaders are pulling together.

Rock, Bible Class, Youth Fellowship, BB & GB Company Sections and Ignite Senior Youth Club have all become Connect for Youth, which meets on Friday and Sunday.

Sunday School, Little Stars, Explorers, Junior GB, Anchor Boys and Junior BB all continue as before but under the umbrella of Connect for Kids.

Connect for Young Adults will meet on one Friday in the month with opportunities to have Laser Quest, Bomb, Sport’s Nights, Pizza Nights, etc.

More Details

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Latest News

CONNECT – Friday 14th January

We are planning to get things going again for the New Year with more sports, workshops and games organised so come join us from 8-10pm and don’t forget some money for tuck! Due to more of you now coming along, we are going to start meeting in the sanctuary to kick things off each week, so to make things as easy as possible we’re asking you all to use the door at the steps at the front of the church from now on.

CONNECT – Sunday 9th January

Come and join us for our annual BIG Quiz of the year to get things going again in 2022. We will also be thinking about the encouragement of God being with us as we step into the new year. Meeting from 7.30-9pm as usual but for the next number of weeks we will be in the sanctuary to allow for better ventilation and it means we can spread out a little more to keep things as safe as possible.